Who We Are ?

Ronak Rocks Pvt. Ltd. is a professionally managed organization engaged in the production of variety stone products in various sizes and finishes. Our range of natural stones includes Granites, Marbles, Sandstone, Slate, Limestone and Onyx.

We source a variety of stones directly from quarries and process them at factories in finishes like natural, honed, polished, calibrated, brushed, sandblasted and tumbled in hand cut or machine cut edges. We have a team of experienced professionals that look after processing, dressing, inspecting and shipment of these natural stones.

We have exclusive quarries of natural stones that are associated with our state-of-the-art calibration & polishing plant and our gang saw units. We also have sophisticated stone-cutting plants that enable us to cater to the specifications of our clients. Our calibration plant utilizes new-age technology, which is capable of producing items to meet the high precision requirements of any project.

We have got master craftsmen who craft these stones and when they are polished and finished to perfection, their beauty is truly fantastic, stunning and simply enchanting, that leave the onlookers spell-bound. Our exquisite range of these stones & items are available in traditional as well as contemporary styles that are specially designed to add a delicate touch to the environment. With distinguished designs, vibrant colors, impeccable finish and great prices, our products are specially carved to cater to our clients' aesthetic tastes. Color and style co-ordination is chosen to enhance the intrinsic value of each carved piece. Every piece is uniquely hand-made and meets client's expectation.

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Quality Assurance

Ronak Rocks Pvt. Ltd has satisfied the requirements of countless buyers that represent more than 35 countries. Every slab and product that we produce caries the stamp of world class quality. The entire manufacturing process takes place under the direct supervision of skilled quality inspectors. It ensures the best quality at attractive prices.

A broad assortment of attractive shades & textures is available with us. We also deal in other dimensional natural stone that are procured from the Indian sub-continent. We have the capability of presenting innovative designs and also of manufacturing according to customers' specifications. This enables us to cater better to the diversified preferences of our buyers from varied nations. We also offer an economical alternative to those who don't wish to make compromises on aesthetics but have to address monetary constraints of their customers.


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Because you will never be out of qualitative options at Ronak Rocks. Apart from procuring the highly demanding rocks from our quarries, we bring a plethora of natural stones from and around the corner of the world. From classic evergreen to utmost modern you will find all colours and designs available at Ronak Rocks.

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We allow the merits of the products speak for themselves


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We are on a mission to grow consistently as we are already while providing products with unmatched quality. We are determined to excellence while focusing on the end customer’s satisfaction.



Our aim is to be an unwavering source of suppliers in the industry of natural rocks and stones and be a global player in the intercontinental market through relationship building.



Company Highlights

8 October 2005

Mr. Ronak S. D. receiving the Top Export Award from the Finance Minister of India, Mr. P Chidambaram.



Ronak Rocks relies on high-end machinery such as Block Dressing Machines, Multi Wire-Saw Machines, Resin lin, Slabs Line Polish Machines, Tiles Line Polish Machines, Gang-Saws, Bridge Cutters, Multi-Blade Block Cutters, Effuent Water Treatment Plants (Filter Plant with Filter Press) & other requisite machinery.

We provide you with granites according to your customisations in any kind of finish such as polished, flamed, leather, honed, lapotra, shot blasted and rock face.

Our Infrastructural Facilities

We have exclusive quarries of natural stone that are associated with our state-of-the-art calibration & polishing plant and our gangsaw units. We have sophisticated stone-cutting plants that enable us to the specifications of our clients.

We recognize that actual of any organization are its people. Backed by distinguished craftsmen & a dedicated team for quality check, we believe we can claim to have one of the best team in the industry. Our organizational culture encourages the quest for excellence and a progressive and futuristic attitude.




Our products strike a presence in the villas and offices of the elite strate, as well as the eminent hotels, clubs, restaurants, bank, hospitals and other prestigious places. Durable and weather resistant, our natural stones are finding increasing application in external use & interior decoration. Ranging from classic to contemporary, our accurate quality standards and spectacular selection of colors, textures and finishes sell convert imaginative designs to life with the natural beauty, durability and elegance.

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